New Beginnings And The Stars Tomorrow: Moon in Scorpio (August 22nd)

"moon in scorpio"We are entering Week 2 of my inaugural class in MoonPluto Land (and not too late to join, by the way).

I do believe folks are enjoying it but it can be hard for me to tell. You know they say that Sun conjunct Mercury people (of which there are  many!) have trouble being objective. So if anyone IN the class wants to write a Week 1 Testimonial? Please do! I will post it 🙂

I’ve been talking about the Sun entering Virgo and tomorrow is the big day along with a bunch of other aspects:

the Moon will enter Scorpio in the middle of the night tonight and then in the early morning hours will trine Neptune (and then Chiron). In the late afternoon Moon in Scorpio will sextile Pluto. And near 7pm (Eastern) Mercury (your mind) will sextile (how pleasant!) Jupiter (abundance).

Think good and it will be good is a famous quote (said in Yiddish) by a famous Rebbe (spiritual leader). Yeah I got the mystics on my mind with Rosh Hashana on the way and for me the steps leading to the fall are truly the beginning of the year.

My roommate is back in town, the weather has turned comfortable, and last night the cats were disturbing me in my sleep. All summer long they slept gracefully, as I did, through the night but the Taurus returns, the month (and zodiac) changes, the air gets delicious and suddenly we’re alive again. I know many folks love summer but to me? After my birthday? It just feels like dead air until Virgo Season 😉

This week also begins rehearsals for my play.

What will you begin? Something in the works? Swim in the deep waters of the Scorpio Moon and tell us what you find 🙂

Love, MP

Information about Readings with me can be found here.

News from MoonPluto Land: we are beginning Week 2 of my first class and already plans are in the works for the second class, to begin in late August or early September.

It will be smaller, shorter, more intense, and a dive into the nature of Creativity, your 5th House, and your North Node. Your life as a Work of Art. Email me if this interests you. The cost will be $100 and class length will probably be 2 weeks. 10 “students” maximum. 

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