Neptune Through The 6th House: Goop

You know what? I’m doing this totally at random. Whatever occurs to mind. Last night I was writing a little about Uranus through the 8th and I think I’ve said what I need to say for the moment so let’s turn to a different transit, Neptune through the 6th.

Neptune moves even slower than Uranus. Neptune can spend 14-15 years in a sign. (Actually this isn’t a random post. I asked the gals – and our one guy – in the chat room if they had any transits on their mind they wanted me to blog about.)

Of course, overall I’m thinking HEALTH. Physical health, mental health (because it’s the 6th/12th axis and we must think of the chart this way, as made up of oppositions). Health and work. I know I know it’s obvious but it’s… SERIOUS. What could be more important than these two? Health and work are YOUR LIFE. I know there is also love and family and creativity, connection, etc etc etc but without health and work, your hands and your mind are empty.

So Neptune through this house can be… uncertainty, confusion, “wishing it were so” rather than making an effort. I’m having Neptune square my MC (at the end of my 6th) at the moment and I feel rudderless. I’m doing my blogging and Readings but I don’t feel so solid about my DIRECTION (10th House being the bigger career picture). Neptune, associated with Pisces, is shape-shifting energy. Now you see it, now you don’t. Neptune “dissolves” they say.

Now on the up side, during my Neptune 6th House transit, I started working with animals. And then I started doing astrology and tarot work. Helping professions. Service. Serve or suffer is another Pisces/Neptune key so… the bigger picture seems to be that the more you help others SELFLESSLY, and without calculation, the more you will benefit even if you cannot count that benefit. Money: is it energy? Is it real? Both.

And then I also think of daily routines, how it could be hard to stick to a strict one during these long years. You need to be able to float. Also another 6th key: self-improvement. Getting better. Funny I am making a list here. This is Virgo’s “natural” house. Virgo mind loves lists 🙂

I think I’m going to ponder this more and maybe we’ll have a Part Two to this post and the Uranus one as well. See, this transit is coming to an end for me and hell yes my work life fell apart and dissolved over and over and over but then Saturn in Libra transited my 2nd House and hey that’s another blog post right there 🙂 Neptune is also the ideal. I fell in love with my work (6th House) during this transit.

As I attempt to end this post even more Neptune through the 6th manifestations are coming to mind, how it was for me. When your 6th House is smudged with Neptune? Everything is up for grabs because it IS your daily life.

If you are having this transit (6th OR 12th) what you may need most of all is spiritual direction, spiritual practice, but in an organized way which reminds me the Prayers for Healing schedule is as follows (and click on this link for the original post): Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the month of June. I’ve got the names on my list and will focus on them after sitting in meditation. Thinking of 15-20 minute sessions.

If you want to be on the list itself, you can email or FB-message me. I’m not going to commit to particular times of day because I know I can’t stick to it but I can definitely commit to certain days of the week. And if you want to sit with me, at any time, please do, with intention, and let me know (I mean, I’d love to know) that you are joining my little group here and know that you actually can make a difference, that the healing energy you send is real. Believe it. Very Neptune through the Virgo house, wouldn’t you say?

Love, MP


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