Neptune Stations Direct!

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neil young is a scorpio, not a pisces but...

Okay, Star Gazers! Find late Aquarius in your chart because Neptune is turning around and heading once again for Pisces.

So if you’ve been feeling… confused? Murky? Not quite sure? WTF? Clueless? Disappearing!

You know what they say? They say Neptune dissolves. Neptune obscures. Neptune blurs. Neptune HIDES. So Neptune direct feels like some relief to me. Now he will go retrograde again but, for now, let’s enjoy the forward motion. Ride the Neptune wave.

I was writing in The Round-Up that wherever retrograde Neptune was in your chart was a source of… damn… probably even a source of disappointment because you likely couldn’t make sense of whatever was going on. Or you got gaslighted, sidetracked, blindfolded. Fog. Soup. Gunk.

Neptune direct will clear some of this up. Some.


So grab your chart and your muffin and your hot chocolate and find 28 Aquarius in your chart. Got planets there or nearby? What house is Neptune in?

Now he “only” gets to 3 degrees Pisces, in June, before going back again but he doesn’t go back into Aquarius… so early Pisces is important here too! Attention all you early Pisces Suns! How many of you will join an ashram?

So that’s your homework. Late Aquarius/Early Pisces: find it! And see where Neptune has been working his backwards magic and where he’s gone direct.

You may not feel any difference today. You may not feel any difference tomorrow. But I promise you, over these months? You’ll feel it and see it and you’ll dissolve and disappear just…. a little bit less!

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