Neptune + Saturn = Your Life!

Depth and seriousness are not the same thing as unhappiness. I just want to make that clear. In case you were wondering. And this is another “I don’t want you to feel bad” type blog post. Not that I can control whether or not you feel bad, but just to remember that you have a choice. Your life is what it is. And you have the power to… make all kinds of changes. If you choose to. It just takes a little thought, a little effort. A little dream, a little effort. But consistently.

In the chat room, one of the gals posted a Saturn Neptune article, that Saturn and Neptune, by transit, are trining now. This will matter most of course, I think, once Saturn is direct and the first thing I thought was of was how we need both these energies. We need the dream AND the reality. In my chart, these two are opposing so it’s a challenge for me to balance them. I swing between all rosy and all crap. Yeah, Saturn is crap. I have no rose-colored glasses for Saturn today 😉 And by “crap” I mean Saturn makes us work for it, whether or not we see results. Or MAYBE we were just supposed to keep trying, keep climbing, and the results would have come eventually (i.e. too much Saturn can make you want to quit or make you push harder).

So, my kittens, if you have a goal in mind, this summer is a groovy groovy manifestation time, but really do both. Dream it up and then build it up.

You know what? I would use these weeks, before Saturn goes direct, to… get clear about the goal but also to dream and dream and dream and dream.

Love, MP


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