Neptune Is A Bitch: Saturn In Scorpio Advice For Water/Earth People

"saturn conjunct neptune"The Neptune in Scorpio generation, of which I’m a part, is already pondering Saturn in Scorpio conjunct their Neptune. A gal on the private message board with Saturn beginning his transit through her 12th House was asking about this and I wanted to put some of my response here. This is what I said…

“Reality-check your particular Neptune issues, whatever those are! Especially in that house of your chart. How you sabotage and bring chaos to that area of life will get SATURNIZED.  Clear the decks! Clear the fog! Saturn = Sanity. Discipline, maturity, responsibility: all the usual suspects. There’s no point in having a Saturn transit unless you get better and grow.

Otherwise,the issue(s) comes back that much harder. Saturn will go into Sagittarius next! Yes I am thinking ahead! This will be tougher for the Pisces/Virgo people who will have it “easier” now with Saturn in Scorpio. Learn the lesson now while it’s easier.

Neptune is a bitch. Insidious bitch. It’s like this: when you’re all calm and feeling good, in comes Neptune to remind you of… someone who broke your heart or a dream that didn’t come true. I’ve had enough Neptune. I’m going Saturn’s way. 

Neptune is this false reminder of something that never was. Reality reality reality reality says Saturn. One of my favorite quotes (which I got from a groundbreaking book that helps people with BPD): Accepting reality is not the same as judging it good. My chart resists reality so I am teaching myself to stay present at this whole new level.

My advice to the woman in the room: do the work. Which often means ruthless self-inquiry. Saturn in Scorpio demands nothing less.

GET that Saturn out of the 12th House even while Saturn is IN there. Shine the brightest light you can find on that Saturn. Don’t let the trine or the 12th House lull it to sleep. And then you’ll have an “easier” Saturn thru Sagittarius.”

Do you have Neptune in Scorpio? 



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