Neptune In Her Eyes: A Story For Pisces Season

"moon conjunct jupiter"

I had a very Pisces moment last night.

I was at a magic show (Neptune rules magicians) and after the show had a conversation with a triple Pisces about mystical, spiritual topics, including Tarot, using a water bowl to see the future, and Lent.

This friend of mine is a GRAND Pisces, a firey Pisces due to her Pisces Rising and Pisces planets in the Mars-ruled 1st House.

In her eyes I could see it all, I could see her gift in her eyes and she spoke of no longer needing a tool, like Tarot, to do any intuitive work.

Honestly I don’t think my eyes could ever match what I saw in hers and I don’t think I can describe it but I know it when I see it. I could call it a hazy clarity but that would make no sense. It was Neptune. Neptune in her eyes.

Recently a reader told me that the smoky quality of my eyes meant an interest in psychic stuff and she went on tell me a little about my past lives — as a psychic, as a gypsy.

I’ve never had a past-live regression and have absolutely no feeling for the details. I believe in reincarnation but never once have I felt “I’ve lived this before!”

I’m telling this story because I’m wondering if you are having similar encounters – Pisces moments, Pisces people, Pisces stories, mystics, magicians, visionaries, wizards!

Neptune rules crystal balls, faith, fables, fairies, enigmas, bliss, artists of all kinds… and it’s the world I prefer to live in.

My friend was on her way to church and I couldn’t imagine her heading anywhere else at that moment. A true servant of God.

The Moon in Taurus is sextiling the Sun in Pisces right now. There is ground beneath your feet. Do you feel stable? Or maybe just hungry under the Taurus Moon. Taurus appreciates good eats and eats good eats ūüôā

Also, the Moon was conjunct Jupiter while I slept and that could be why my sleep was more peaceful last night than it has been for days and days and days…

And one more thing, Pisces rules animals so give your companion animal some extra love today, extra attention. They love you and need you and are waiting for you.


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