Neptune Goes Retrograde June 9th

"south node in aries" I came up with this one a few days ago and didn’t have time to post until today! I call it THE LADDER. And it’s a spread for when you want to get from HERE to THERE and you have noooooo clue.

It’s a vertical line of four cards and then one card to the right, and another card on top of that one, “crossing” it.

HOWEVER you don’t do the spread in a straight line. There’s some jumping around. Just like life 🙂

Card One: Where you are now
Card Two: Where you want to be
Card Three: What it takes to get there 
Card Four: What holds you back
Card Five: What it takes to get there (yes, same as Card Three)
Card Six: How to heal what holds you back.

Two things on my mind, two things I want to discuss: the first is the SOUTH NODE IN ARIES because I am really feeling the South Node in Aries these days even though Venus has just left the building and is now in Taurus. The South Node will suck us in anyway, and in Aries? Aries doesn’t gives us a choice. Scoops us up on the back of the motorcycle and away we go! The energy of the South Node in Aries reminds me of that song “Ghost Rider” from the band Suicide. The ride is spooky and fun, but then what? Eventually, many miles later, you run out of gas.

So pay attention. Are you erring on the side of Mars when you need to be more Venus? Or, alternately, are you refusing to honor Mars – your needs – and over-doing Venus? See? It’s tricky 🙂 The God like to entertain us 🙂

Think of it this way: the phrase “do more of” i.e. do MORE of the Libra house in your chart at this time and LESS of the Aries house in your chart. Not that you abandon Mars, but Venus and Libra encourage togetherness. This is no time to go it alone.

Even though it may be tempting to run off and join the circus, perhaps the way to join the circus, finally, after all these years, is with a buddy 🙂

The other topic on my mind is Neptune going retrograde on June 9th. This one feels like time travel to me. Gonna be a lot of deja vu feeling. Been down this road before. Felt this feeling before. Here we go again. And whether this is GOOD or BAD will depend on the aspects it is making in your chart and of course the areas of life it will influence. You may find yourself more confused. And less inclined to do anything about that confusion. Not swimming, not drowning. Floating? Maybe….

Here’s an idea: why not try THE LADDER Tarot spread? I think I’ll do it now 🙂

Love, MP

P.S. Neptune goes retrograde at 7 degrees Pisces. It goes forward mid-November at 4 degrees!

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