Neptune Goes Direct! November 13th

It’s this remarkable feeling. When you turn your attention to yourself again, your needs.

Neptune people tend to self-sacrifice and self-sabotage. Put themselves in Neptoooony chains. The STRENGTH card is the opposite of the 7 of Cups, you know?

I know I know that SEVEN can be imagination but… to me it looks like tulle. Icing. FIZZ. Dreaming and scheming. So when you duck out of Neptune, when you CHECK OUT of Neptune… what do you find?


Helps to have a self, then, to come home to. To rely on. SOMETHING.

I was working with a client the other day — and telling her that if she could come up with JUST ONE THING that was authentically her. Even as simple as liking chocolate. This is an example from a Natalie Goldberg essay. When we don’t know who we are, and we don’t know what we want, but then we find some small simple thing that is truly US.

Neptune is squaring my MidHeaven. I don’t always know why I’m here. I’m working in the dark but I keep working. Neptune is on my North Node too, exact. Going somewhere but…. HEY FOLKS NEPTUNE GOES DIRECT November 13th. 

Now, Neptune is not Uranus. I’m not predicting wack-a-doo reversals here but I’ll go out on a limb and say Neptune Direct = greater coherence, clarity, TRANSPARENCY, less OBSCURITY and hells bells we NEED THAT wherever Neptune is transiting (in our charts).

Are you having a Neptune transit? Do you know WTF? 

Love, MP


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