Neptune Goes Direct November 13th

So I was going to start a series on my Saturn opposition and I probably still will do this, but as it arises. I realized too that it was other, faster moving transits that knocked me off my feet last week.

Mercury goes direct tomorrow so don’t be surprised if communications are wacky today (and tomorrow). I find this is often the case during the first days and the last days. What did you learn? Anything? It has been an extremely lucrative retrograde for me, deep sea diving to say the least. And then I let it go.

This week NEPTUNE GOES DIRECT (at 2 degrees Pisces) and honestly I can’t promise you crystal clear mountain streams and all your dreams made manifest BUT I can promise you THIS:

Neptune going direct is you, at the very least, swimming Upstream.

I feel for all the early degree Pisces Suns, Moons, and Risings out there. I even chatted with an early-degree Pisces Venus yesterday and OH YES Neptune going direct, off her Venus will DEFINITELY help with motivation and COHERENCE. Neptune is blurry. Neptune is VAGUE. It may very well feel like someone has turned the lights BACK ON.

The biggest surprise here is that I do NOT think you will be shocked by what you see and find. More like… pleasantly surprised by the cards you hold. I mean, you thought you were doing everything blindfolded but actually you had it RIGHT.

Love, MP

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