Neptune: Back Into Aquarius Ta-Da!

"neptune in aquarius"
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Neptune back in Aquarius? Okay. Fine with me. Truth is I don’t feel the outer planets changing signs. I try to understand what it means, but I don’t feel it. I’ll feel a transit, I’ll feel a house shift, but these slow-movers? Nope. And Neptune? As if. As if we can know anything at all. Maybe after the fact and 20 years later.

Isabel Hickey wrote that with a Neptune transit, you should stick to what you know because it’s foggy! Illusion, confusion, delusion, foggy! Soup! What do you think she meant by that?

For me, it’s still a 6th House deal and oh yes it just aches and longs and pines to enter my 7th but noooooo not yet!

What’s interesting though, of course, are the aspects that transiting, retrograding Neptune will make because, y’know, the Sun and Venus, currently in Leo, and Mars eventually, will oppose Neptune! And our friend Mercury Rx is doing it now! What does this mean? I say look in your chart for your Aquarius/Leo axis and you’ll begin to know…

Now, other folks, sensitive souls, sensitive to the collective, they may feel this shift. Do you? 

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