Negative Capability and the Natal Chart

When I was a student at Iowa, I studied with a number of famous poets. This was a long time ago. I was in my early 20s. And although I was mostly depressed and immersed in unsuccessful love affairs, I loved being there. I loved that all of us were together with a common goal: to talk about poetry, to be poets. Natal Neptune in the 3rd House. Square Venus. Bittersweet.

These were pre-Internet days. Pre-email. Some students had computers. I had an electric typewriter with a funny word-processing feature. Sort of. My rent, which my mother paid, was $375 a month for a studio in an old house which has since burned down.

I remember talking to my landlady and her saying, “Your mother loves you very much,” and not knowing what my mother said that made my landlady think that or say it.

One of my teachers used to talk about negative capability, a phrase from Keats, from his letters.

Applied to astrology? Negative capability is the unresolved thing, that unresolved place in your chart. No happy ending (yet?). But no sad ending either. “Mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact.”

I think Chiron is our negative capability, what goes unresolved. But, see, it doesn’t have to be as painful as we are told because… we can use the pain, we can use what we’ve learned.

And… I also think that the empty leg of your t-square is your negative capability. And your North Node. And that transit that has you wondering: what did it bring you? what did it take away?

Negative capability is the opposite of pleading to the Universe for answers. We need both.

My question for you: what did you resolve? what remains open?

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