Resisting The Death Urge With Venus Square Saturn

"venus square saturn" We are under this square — this month and next. Venus in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio. It’s a fixed square. Stubborn.

As I type this, Venus is at 25 Leo and Saturn is at 28 Scorpio (retrograde).

In a few days, the square gets closer and closer. It perfects. My book lists July 14th as that day. Step by step into the grave. Some of you may feel like you’re dying, or that you should. Venus does NOT want to hold Saturn’s hand. Squares are compulsive. She has no free will here.

Venus enters Virgo end of this month, goes retrograde, and is still in orb of the square. Venus backs into Leo and the square intensifies again — although it never really lets up, in my humble opinion until later in August when Venus in Leo gets safety away from 28 Scorpio. And then we get the square again in October. (September is your least Venus Saturn month.)

I think you get my point:

We are saturated with Venus Saturn this summer. My apologies to you higher degree Venus in Leo ladies and gentlemen. If you feel like you are getting ripped off, you are correct, from a certain perspective — BUT you (not them) get THE prize. The Venus square Saturn prize. You get more bang for your Venus (self esteem, values) buck. You get to feel like crap but then you get to heal. You’re welcome.

It’s like a dance. Venus and Saturn move closer, move apart, move closer, move apart. There may be dizziness and vomiting and pain in your heart. Who wants to get closer to that? No one. But some brave skilled death defying warriors (who have no choice because this is their chart, this is their lesson at this time) can find nectar inside the square. Can you?

At first I was going to call this blog post “Dead Inside” but then I got another idea. One of resistance. Resistance to the death urge. That that is ALSO Venus square Saturn. Venus square Saturn may make you feel ugly and unloveable and pointless BUT Saturn resists your demise. Saturn is a wall. So YES there can be a wall to feeling good or feeling pretty or feeling you deserve the good, but the resistance can work in your favor. It can keep you alive.

“I’m so lonely. I’ve lost everything,” says Venus square Saturn. But that wall can grow up (GROW UP = SATURN) and learn (Saturn) to protect (Saturn) you and your Venus. Your heart.

My advice for Venus square Saturn this summer, overall: push yourself — if you have any interest at all that things could get better.

(Image from Sia’s video fro “Chandelier”)

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