Natal Saturn In The 9th House

So I spent the morning in pain.

Took about 4 hours to not be in pain. Pulled a muscle in my back and I think it… was spasming for that long. I could not lie down or sit in any position…

I noticed that mild pacing was the best I could offer my body. And then I started to flex gently other muscles and that helped too. As did a phone call to a friend who listened to me calmly and gave me wisdom.

About 30 minutes ago I started to feel some relief. Able to post on Facebook briefly which we all know is the tell-tale sign of health 🙂 Now I feel worn-out from the experience and it is less acute. We shall see. I can tell I need to not type much more today….

But I posted this:

What is this in my chart that EVERYTHING becomes a lesson. And  a lesson I want to give over. Saturn in my 9th House is certainly part of it. I turn everything into lesson/meaning and I believe it too. It’s who I am… from physical pain to sorrow to heartbreak to happiness and back. (Happiness?)

Saturn here can gloom-up the Jupiter full-flavor we believe is 9th House living so we teach others how to feel joy even if we can’t always grasp our own. Sounds a little like Chiron doesn’t it? If you have Saturn in the 9th House you  may be able to help others but not always help yourself.

Just a short post for now but I am wondering about your 9th House thoughts.

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