My Writer’s Block Continues: Saturn Square Mercury

"moon in cancer"
Marguerite Duras: Moon in Cancer

I swear you guys, this blog is going to become about Writer’s Block pretty soon. What do you want to hear about? The subways? New York City? My dinner? Because when I think about writing about astrology, my mind goes blank. When I sit down to write about astrology my mind goes blank. And right now I’m thinking of it as an object of fascination rather than consternation but… WTF? Mercury goes direct tomorrow, okay. That’s a start. Remember when I used to throw up 4-5 posts in a day? Are those days gone?

How has your Retrograde been?

You want to hear about the Sun in Virgo? Well, the Sun is Virgo. Did you clean your house yet? Venus is in Virgo. Did you pick on your lover 😉 I’m being silly, I know. And the Moon is in Cancer. Hmm. Are Cancer Moons just sensitive about their own shit or sensitive to other people too? What do you think?

What is blocking YOU these days. Is it a Saturn thing? Or something else?

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