My Wish For You As Venus Enters Pisces

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What I want, I feel, is so simple.

One looks to the chart, to the transits, to the other spiritual practices, the years, heredity, the life that’s taking shape in front, the choices made, every decision, all the hard work to unearth every subconscious motivation, to root out all self-sabotage, to stop creating disaster. One learns from one’s mistakes.

Earnest, diligent behavior.

I called out to God tonight in the middle of my Grey’s Anatomy episode. It’s so simple! It’s so goddamn simple! And yet denied. Natal Venus square Saturn.

But what is it exactly that IS being denied? And who are we to challenge what’s set before us. All of you have come into this life to teach something and to learn something.

Transiting Venus in Pisces brings partnership to the fore, for me, my 7th House. My Pisces North Node in the early degrees. No 7th House planets. Venus transits alone, opposing my Moon Pluto conjunction eventually.

The question of love can be deafeningly loud at times. But for the first time, maybe, I am defining what I want EVEN IF it’s “I don’t want this” and “I don’t want that.” It still creates a boundary.

And from there, one can begin to define what one does want and from there one can begin to, one hopes, attract it.

Tonight I was at the supermarket with someone and the line was very very long and he asked me why I wasn’t complaining. After all Moon Pluto in VIRGO: should be complaining right? (Or criticizing something.) I thought to myself: I have no complaints. I’m here, on line, with pleasant company, money in my wallet, my groceries in the basket, far from my worries. There was nothing wrong.

I’m trying to think of what I wish for you… as Venus enters Pisces, ways to express or embody this energy.

There’s a woman I’ve been working with for a little while now. She has a powerful chart, the chart of a warrior, but with Venus in Pisces, an energy that, to me, is so… ethereal… I can’t quite grasp it. Can’t describe it. It slips away. But I don’t want it to slip away.

So this is my Venus in Pisces wish: for all of you who want love, to find it — to find good, strong, dependable healthy love. Sounds like a Virgo wish, doesn’t it? More Virgo than Pisces perhaps but remember, as always, invoking one sign calls forth its opposite.

And to know what you want even if that means, at first, knowing what you don’t.

Your Pisces house? Where is it? 


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