Pluto Conjunct Jupiter By Transit

"pluto conjunct jupiter"

Last night I was working on an email reading for someone and noticed that he’s currently having a transit that I will never have. I won’t live that long.

But then, no, I realized I already DID have it. I was a kid. And I started to wonder about this, being an Astrologer with the desire to help and here’s an aspect that I can only discuss “in theory” because I haven’t lived it lately πŸ˜‰

Now this is common of course. I am ONLY one Sun sign. When I talk about other Sun signs it’s based on theory, what I’ve learned, or based on what I’ve experienced with others. But that’s different from MY experience. My Moon is in Virgo: I NEED the 1st hand knowledge to truly TRULY believe. But with a North Node in Pisces? Gotta learn to trust the instinct. Leave proof behind.

The transiting-Pluto-conjunct-Jupiter-person will rebuild himself from the ground-floor up and it will hurt because it’s happening to his values, his beliefs, what he holds most dear, what holds him together. Pluto comes along and razes the frame of your joy.

I’m pretty sure this person was on the floor and covered in shit when this transit was exact. On the floor and wasn’t sure if he was ever going to get up OFF the floor to clean up. Pluto rules excrement and elimination.

Pluto conjunct Jupiter = your optimism, your belief that following the rules leads to the best outcome (Jupiter in Capricorn) dies (Pluto) BUT, returning to an idea from my previous blog post, coming back to life is guaranteed. Won’t be the same body though, or the same soul.

Values, beliefs, honor, joy STRIPPED.

And then what? Pluto finally leaves that spot and you are left with a baby Jupiter, bald and crying at the break of dawn.

Do you have Jupiter in Capricorn?Β 

Love, MP

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