My Spirit-Guide Visions and 12*21*12

I had a vision of my spirit/angel guides this morning and realize a few things (and of course I am only speaking for myself here, what I believe to be true):

1. Spirit Guides and Angel Guides are the same thing. Doesn’t matter what you call them. They certainly don’t care what you call them. They are entities not on the physical earth plane and

2. they hover, crowd around in small (or sometimes larger) groups, like a Greek chorus, and they act as a unit, a gaggle of cheerful benevolent relatives but hard to say for sure if it’s your Aunt Sally and Uncle Fred in there since their faces are not clear. Not that they are blurry but it’s just not the point. They are no longer “individuals” or individual consciousnesses.

So they act as a unit or group and what they do is… root for you i.e. when you finally get the strength/courage to move forward in your life, they CHEER, they clap, they shout hooray. Whether they do more than that, I’m not sure yet. Whether they have “power” other than being your warm cheering section.

Then I had another vision right after and this was/is of an individual person, a man, and the man (and not a human being but that’s how this entity showed himself to me, as a human male) decides whether you WILL be allowed to move forward in a particular situation in your life or whether you aren’t done yet with whatever test it is. Confused? Keep reading. It will get more clear….

For example, let’s say a woman wants to leave her job or her husband or her city, but finds herself unable for whatever reason even though she’s unhappy and feels her life force snuffing out. And one morning she decides she will and can (after hemming and hawing for a few years or MANY years) and her gaggle of spirit guides (they have a sight mischievous quality to them, reminds me a little of Sagittarius) are shouting and yelling hooray!

But then she must apply to this person who will sign off and decide YES or NO. And she states her case so to speak but not in words. It’s that her case comes before this arbiter of her fate. and it is reviewed so that a decision can be made. Still with me? Keep reading. There’s more…

This vision happened to me this morning after a difficult night of sleep and I was lying in bed still and I had these visions although I think actually they started last night. Not the end of the world on December 21st 2012, but my consciousess shifting. Of course this date is significant. No way there could be this much energy around something for so long and NOTHING would happen. Dig?

See, I went from not feeling angels or guides to having this vision and I had a feeling this would happen, that I would change my mind about this. Nothing that I manufactured or tried to do. That’s my litmus test for an authentic arrival of information. When the recipient isn’t trying, but just going about their daily life.

Now I am curious if this is how you feel or what you see. And please note: these images are from my consciousness alone. I do not read fantasy fiction. I am not a reader of texts or New Age books (other than a few Youtube videos) that would describe such things. Haven’t seen or read Harry Potter 😉 My point is that if my descriptions here match anything you are familiar with and they likely will, it’s a synchronicity 🙂

It’s all about our soul’s evolution of course. Whether we are done or not yet done with particular life missions. Thinking of a Chasidic story that says our purpose in life may be simply to do a favor for someone else and I feel this is true but multiplied.

But these life-advancements: leaving a husband, a job, a city, leaving any difficult situation, taking a chance, getting married, succeeding in some way, winning an award, healing from an illness, choosing a course of study, this stuff of the physical world… When you make decisions, you receive support (or not– the gaggle of Sagittarians is quiet when there’s less support), and then you APPLY to the arbiter and all this happens “over there” i.e. it’s you but on a different plane.

I am realizing as I type this that just the fact that you get to face the arbiter? That means you have the opportunity to advance. It’s a sign you have permission to DO IT if you choose.

Some folks, even when given the all-clear, decide to stay in their old shells, stuck situations. I want to start working with people helping them to identify whether they are “all clear” from their Guides or whether their situation is still in progress.

One way you know you are free to move is that you pay attention and feel in your body that it will be okay. You have less anxiety, more natural certainty around the situation that you have the strength to accomplish the feat that before seemed maddeningly impossible.


Have you had similar visions? 


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