My Saturn Venus Transit

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
what do you want?

A short letter to transiting Saturn sextiling my natal Venus in the 12th House

Dear Saturn–

There comes a time when Venus in the 12th must say: yearning is not good enough. I want to HAVE.



Venus in the 12th person, Venus square Neptune person: have you gotten to this point? Pisces on the descendent, Neptune in the 7th too…

Moving from yearning to having is like moving from sustained intensity without release… to orgasm, fulfillment. Like preferring the full moon to the new moon. Potential has become inadequate.

Now this issue can touch anyone, but Venus in the 12th  (and its sister placements) owns it because yearning can keep them happy for YEARS, lifetimes. A happy misery. Chains. But what happens when Saturn in Libra comes to sextile a 12th House Venus? The sextile is a working aspect. You have to DO something about it. And then you benefit. I believe this.

With Venus square Neptune or Venus in the 12th, there are always those hurt-so-good-tears. UGH. BORING! All that yearning has become BORING!  Because it’s not reality relationship; it is fantasy relationship BORING! Cut off its head BORING! And see what grows in its place, which flowers. Not to discard the relationshipBORING BUT… Venus is in Scorpio now so kill the thing in order to make it grow back better. Rebirth it!

My progressed Moon is in Aries now. My Venus in Leo in the 12th House is losing patience. I want the prize and I want the prize within the prize within the prize. Now, please?

It is empowering to want something. Wanting something means you decided. This one. Not that one. And YOU WANT THIS ONE OVER HERE with the seeds or with the tomatoes or… the one in the back, to the left. GIVE IT TO ME.

This is Saturn. Saturn asks us to choose. By choosing, we limit. And this is good. It’s one way out of hell.

Because once you know what you want, once you define it, you can work (Saturn) to get it. Yay!

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