My Saturn Square Mercury Transit

"sun square saturn"
Virginia Woolf had Sun square Saturn

I can’t seem to find the words today which of course makes me want to blame Saturn squaring my Sun which pulls in my Mercury as well, although not in orb yet. A Saturn Mercury square may… make one… hesitate… in speaking. Or writing. Or doing.  If Mercury is fast, then Saturn is slow. Put them together in square and… I am not used to my flow not flowing. With Mercury Saturn? You lose your words. (And then I think hmm losing is Neptune but the harshness of Saturn makes you lose them before you find them.)

So imagine, then, this aspect in synastry. Maybe you don’t let your partner speak. Or think. Or do. Or maybe they feel oppressed by you. And maybe it’s not intentional but there it is and what do you do? Can Saturn squares in synastry be cured? Mercury square Saturn works hard to get its point across. Simple conversations can turn into debates or stony silences. Or maybe you just have car trouble 😉

On the up side? Seriousness rules. Serious mind, serious thinking, no lightweights allowed.

Do you have a serious mind?

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