My Saturn in Libra Transit (Part ???)

"saturn square mercury"
robert lowell, american poet

My writer’s block is back and I’m considering re-posting stuff from the summer to keep the blog moving!

What’s the astrology? Saturn squaring my Mercury and Mars in Cancer. I feel like I’m squeezing my brain to get words out and I think: if I just keep going, it will flow.

Or maybe it’s all the surgery I’ve been doing. That that is where the energy is going, flowing. Doing readings feels like surgery to me. Cut open the body. Stick in my hands. Arms. All the way up. That’s how it feels. I wonder what metaphors make sense to other readers of any kind. Feel free to share.

So today I went in search of a new down coat. Lost a bunch of weight since April and my old winter coat (not even that old) looks like a costume on me now, so big and heavy. While Saturn is squaring my Cancer planets, he’s also massaging my Venus by sextile. I want to look good while I’m freezing. I’m committing (Saturn) to looking good (Venus) and I swear this sextile is not overrated because there I was in the store, even look at my face and noticing my flaws, imperfections, and thinking: hey. Not that bad. Hey. GOOD. Hey! Hey! HEY! Even the stuff that usually brings me down took on an odd charm under the ugly lights of a new flagship store on 5th Avenue.

So what do I do now? What do I do with this body and this face. With this self. I am alive. I am here. Know the feeling? You’re not young and you’re not old and you’re still pretty and you’re still alive and you’re not there yet, not where you want to be, and your entire life feels like PROCESS and you are sick to death of processing. When do we get there? When do we become worthy? 

These questions have no answers.  And it has nothing to do with worth. Let me say this though, beautiful girl, or beautiful boy, whoever you are, reading this, go get yourself a new down coat so you look good when you’re chilly. And if you are dying in your loneliness then… die with soul.

With this writer’s block, maybe what I’ll have to do is tell stories like this, stories of daily life, and tie in the astrology which threads through everything anyway.

Must. Keep. Writing.

Are you feeling blocked these days? Where? 

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