My Personal Eclipse

Bad things happen. Scary things happen. Are these platitudes? Maybe. Maybe for Moon Pluto people. That’s what we are, right? Some of us πŸ˜‰

This morning there was a crisis on the homefront for me and my Β mind immediately turned towards this summer’s eclipses which are… right around the corner. Gemini is my 10th and Sagittarius is my 4th. Cancer, my 11th.

And I thought to myself: I’m not up for any crap, God. Thanks anyway! But I did more than think. I prayed. And listen, I don’t even know if I believe in any one version of God that I’ve ever heard, but it doesn’t stop me from calling the f**k out, if I feel the need, when I feel the need. So there I was on the subway, eyes open, eyes closed, with iPod, without iPod, yes, like a good New Yorker, I prayed.

Got a band-aid on the crisis but a band-aid is, well, a band-aid. Flimsy, temporary, adhesive with holes in it. What I really want, what we ALL want (?) is a stable forever solution to every problem. As if such things exist. (Can they? Please?)

Eclipses guarantee change. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But.. maybe in three months. Maybe in six months. Doesn’t have to be bad, doesn’t have to be scary. But it may shock. And, as they say, things get revealed, come to light. Illumination, everyone!

So there I was, on the train, praying for stability foundation grounding strength for me and my household and my landlord and the house itself and the neighborhood. To seal us in all in some kind of… protective God bubble, some untouchable, unwarpable fence of… good. Peace. Luck. Perfection. Help.

The moral of the story? Find your steely insides, friends. Find your strength. Find your unbreakable-ness. The world may have only good in store for you BUT if you shore up now? You can help the ones who will need it.

Note to self: let me back to you

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