My Obsession With Mars In Virgo Continues…

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

There are things I feel I should be writing about, such as:

the Uranus-Pluto square, Mercury entering Taurus, the Venus Transit, the coming Eclipse, and more!

The Sun is conjunct Jupiter NOW but gets closer and closer as the days pass and perfects on Sunday morning, Big City time. Find your Taurus house because this aspect is sweet!

Truth is I want to keep company with my obsession and write again about Mars in Virgo and ask you what you are fixing and how it is going.

Mars is supported by this very earthy sky, including the Moon in Capricorn.


There will always be a prettier girl. That was my thought today when I was thinking about love and my love life and that love isn’t about being pretty or being the pretty girl. Never was. Never will be. For me. Not that I have anything against pretty. It’s just not what I’m about.

And I was thinking about Mars in Virgo and health and diet and food and exercise and diabetes prevention and quitting smoking and my mortality and my weight and on and on and on and on. And I thought: enough.

On a very lo-carb diet, I lost… almost 30 lbs. And then I joined a gym, started eating more “normally” and gained most of it back pretty sure.

I hope/plan to start my boxing (an interest I’ve had for years) this weekend. And I still go the gym otherwise but my Mars in Virgo desire is to stop for once and for all… obsessing about food. Yeah, right is what I hear in my head. I have Mars in Cancer.

But really. I want to try. To eliminate foods only if they hurt my stomach or make me feel bad. I’m 41 I thought to myself. ENOUGH of this story. Enough.

Mars will enter my 1st House soon by transit.

I am ready to be a Warrior again. But then again… when did I stop? 😉


PS One other thought, on a somewhat unrelated topic: ever notice that when you love someone, you assume that all their transits are about you and your relationship?

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Yes, I will be doing Mini-Readings (or my usual longer ones) for the New Moon Solar Eclipse! Late Taurus/Early Gemini very important! 

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