My Obsession with Grey’s Anatomy

I’m a long time Grey’s Anatomy fan and I wrote a post once, imagining the signs of the characters. Now, celebrities don’t interest me, but characters do, and I was shocked to hear (last week while doing my laundry) that McDreamy is leaving the show!

Now of course I find this hard to believe. I didn’t think anything could break up Meredith and Derek (remember Luke and Laura?).  If they don’t stay together, then what hope do any of us have? Yes I know the road to their togetherness was challenging, BUT c’mon guys! It’s too late now for Derek to be disillusioned by anything. This couple is dug in.

And yet… what sort of transit do you think McDreamy could be having? If indeed he does leave Meredith? My first thought was hard Pluto to the 7th which can be the death of a relationship. Now of course we’d have to review his chart and the transits and I kind of don’t see him as a Cancer Rising, but I’m willing to suspend disbelief for the moment 😉

And although I can’t imagine the show without him, Meredith and Derek happily ever after doesn’t make sense to me either. This is drama. What to do?

Famous last words: rewatch seasons 1-6

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