My New Moon In Leo Intention

"new moon in leo"Today I was thinking about boundaries. Does everyone have trouble setting or keeping them. Does everyone think about them.

What are the issues that you return to? Your ascendent/descendent axis may answer the question.

When I have to draw a line, I am clumsy at it, so clumsy. I come across harsh and I think this is partly because I have Mars in Cancer. I keep it in before I let it out and then it comes out stronger and kind of awkward. Cancer can be brusque as it is.

And then there’s Pisces on my descendent and transiting Neptune is hovering there. Is it me? Is it you? Is it both?

On the up side, porous boundaries means that I “feel you.” We become intimate without trying. It’s instant.

I want to make magic this New Moon in Leo, tomorrow morning, a little before noon, Big City time, as though I will be in meditation up until the moment when.

The Moon and Sun are, will be, in my 12th House, the house of NO boundaries. Limitlessness. Seas.

And when we have planets in the 12th House we feel like we are drowning in it. And it can feel good until we realize we’re underwater, far from home, and the shore is nowhere to be found.

Nor sure if I would trade it. It feels good to feel. The tricky part, as always, is to master and grasp the spring.

My New Moon intention though is to get quiet inside, as still and as quiet as I can get. And see what arises concerning all the issues that concern me: love, money, boundaries… but without asking, without seeking. Just… giving permission. Making space and creating structure. The Moon will sextile Saturn (support) and sextile Mars (stamina).

Not to worry (which would be very Virgo Rising) and instead to burn bright and calm around what I do not yet understand or have the answer to.

And you? 

Love, MP

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