My Mid-Life Transits, Eclipse Season, And The Cardinal Cross

I’m in my early 40s and for the next few years my Sun will be aspected by Uranus and Pluto.

Not exact at this time but in orb.
And I’ve looked sideways at these transits.
A little afraid.
A little curious.
My Sun is pretty well aspected in my natal.

And this morning I had a revelation which I shared in the chat room about my emotional state (i.e. emotional happiness and fulfillment) overall.

And now I realize my POWER:
once I realized “where I was at,” once I had the knowledge, I could/can make changes.

And how it’s taken me months to get here (to this not so new discovery)
And how THIS IS MY JOB (or one of them) in this lifetime.
To uncover The Emotional Truth. For myself and for others.

And the question becomes: how to get from here to there.
Baby meet bathwater 😉

Do you know the feeling? Grateful for the feeling but… what now?

And how without that feeling, without that TRUTH, you can’t begin.

Because you don’t know where to begin. You just feel poison.

But once you uncover your triggering town (to quote Richard Hugo) you can write the poem.
Your life’s poem.

I’d like to quote Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg but you can look it up yourself. Give the old man’s ghost some traffic 🙂 Or look up his prose work The Trigger Town which isn’t just a creative manual but a guide to life.

The choice is yours.

But first you have to meet your fundamental truth and once you meet your fundamental truth you will begin to know what to keep and what not to keep. And you can take your time figuring this out actually because now that you know your truth, you can stop being poison. You have time to choose. You have time to decide. Make a list. OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Everything that surrounds. Everything your life is made of. And check things off one by one. Keep or not. Keep or not. There, not there. Hold on to what you deem worthy. And release the rest so you can make room for what you want truly.

It’s okay to want what you want. It’s okay to go after what you want. It’s okay to take time to break down and build up. But this is Step One.

Is this a story for all of April? For Eclipse Season? I think so.

One more thought: the change you need to make (or not make) may be as small as the eye of a needle, but worth it to find out.

Love, MP


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