My Mercury Conjunct Mars (In Cancer!)

I tend to get mad at the same things over and over and then am left wondering: is this something that needs to be figured out anew? Does it signify a problem? Or is it just the monkey mind going round and round again. Sometimes an issue is SOLVED, really solved i.e. we’ve come to a decision or a solution but my Virgo Rising Virgo Moon mind will still make trouble. Something will set me off and a storm will ensue. Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto, that is. OBSESSIVE MIND.

A gal in the comments was talking about her husband having a hair trigger this morning and so did I, but I stopped myself from erupting and this was a big deal for me. It’s one thing to get all antsy about something innocuous. It’s another thing when the topic that’s obsessing me, and the conversations that can ensue, cause trouble.

My Mercury is conjunct my Mars. My words can hurt, can cut, come fast, even though it’s in Cancer. IN FACT, the fact that this conjunction is in Cancer means that I know how to hurt you (if I want to or by accident) because Cancer is intuitive. Cancer takes notes.

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer now so all of us, as a collective, are obsessed with the past, including past mistakes. We keep crossing the same river.

I don’t want to be like my father. He had a terrible temper. I don’t know his chart — just that he was a Taurus. And although I don’t think I bellow and rage like he does, terrifying the family…that Mercury (words) Mars (war) of mine can slice and dice especially when it feels threatened and Cancers tend to feel threatened a lot.

How to get through Cancer Season if you aren’t water friendly? Or even if you are…

Let’s pull a card 🙂

Two of Swords.

Keep calm. Carry on. Use your brain. You may not be getting anywhere with it right now, but that’s okay. Do by not doing.

Love, MP


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