My Lunar Return Oy

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
the Moon was not full today but I felt like it!

The day did not turn out as planned. I went out with my cousin but didn’t last at the thing she had planned for us. It was too crowded. It was TOOO much.  We were at one of those huge convention centers. I guess the phrase “convention center” denotes HUGE no matter what but… I had pictured something different. I dunno. Less wild? Just… less.

She didn’t mind that I left. I mean, she felt bad that I came all the way uptown but it was good to see her. We walked the long blocks to the huge convention center together. That made it worth it. And although we’re close, we rarely see each other. It’s a New York thing. Everyone’s so busy.  She’s been a bit of a mother figure to me. Has a Cancer Moon too.

And I’m not surprised at all that the day turned out the way it did: the Moon in Virgo conjuncted my Moon and Pluto today, opposing my empty 7th House (ain’t that the truth!) and I never feel at my best with that much Moon energy, even though I’m a Cancer. It’s just, as I was saying above, TOOO much. Moon overload! Moon PLUTO overload!

Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius (freedom and honesty in love) were squaring the Moon in Virgo too. Was there no possible way to survive the afternoon without drama, dramarama (yes, I am referring to something else now). Will it take a lifetime to learn to navigate tricky transits. Repeat after me: tricky transits tricky transits tricky transits.

Venus was squaring my Pluto, folks. Venus was squaring my Moon-Moon-Pluto. Oy.

And you? What happens to you during your Lunar Return? Do you wait and watch… or do you go wild? I recommend the former. 

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