My Double Leo Sister, The Fear, The Faith, And The Jump

"Maria McKee"
Maria McKee is a Leo, like my sister

It’s amazing to me how accurate astrology can be. I was doing a reading for my sister… I had sent her a couple of emails and then last night we finally spoke and by transit she is having two Uranus trines (involving Jupiter and her Sun) and the longer we talked, she MORE than validated everything I had told her. I don’t mean this as a commercial just that it felt good. And I could see the fear, her fear, and I could see the opportunity that the universe was offering her if only she could… jump.

We usually have both in our charts, the fears and the wins, and then transits come and DING! Are you going to master your fear and DING are you going to speak your truth and DING are you going to have faith and DING DING DING DING!

I was talking and talking and talking. I was talking so much I was stuttering, trying to get the information out. I talk about really loving email readings but here was an example of the other side of it. Actually, we started with email but then moved to the phone. She had had time to process.

Why is it so easy to see how others can remove their blocks, not that it is easy to remove them but that it CAN be done. We can see their happiness unfold IF ONLY…

Where are YOU being DINGed these days? Are you following your transits?

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