Must Stir: The Full Moon In Scorpio In 7 Acts

"full moon in scorpio"

Act 1:

I was stirring my new fancy peanut butter just now and it reminded me of the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio.

You know those fancy peanut butters? Oil at the top. Must stir.

I’m familiar with this from buying almond butter and honestly I don’t like to have to stir although honestly again I tasted this organic peanut butter and it tasted REAL GOOD, better than the cheap stuff!

But I still hate that oil at the top thing, so messy! And I didn’t realize that that was what I was buying from Fairway yesterday.

I found this moment very Full Moon in Scorpio and Pluto-Plenty because you have to STIR and bring the goodies from the bottom to the top, mix the oil in that has settled, and it’s messy, it gets all over your hands, it’s sticky, gross, and making a LEAP right now:

you have to see who you really are under this Moon, or maybe you won’t, as though YOU are a ship passing in the night to YOU, and I am mixing my metaphors at this point 😉 but the bottom line is this.

You must stir even if the only result is more knowledge about what your shadow side is up to, how you push people away instead of bringing them closer in.


Act 2:

I get tired of saying I’m sorry. I was telling someone this the other day.

Some people have a tendency to blame themselves. Others have a tendency to blame others.

And if you’re not careful, if you’re part of the former, others, many others, will come along to agree with you.

The self-blamers often don’t even realize they are blaming themselves. It happens so fast. If something goes wrong or feels unpleasant they assume they are responsible. It’s kind of an… ego response, don’t you think?

Scorpio squares Leo on the wheel, a very interesting square 😉


Act 3:

Ground Rules For Crying For This Full Moon In Scorpio Or Any Full Moon If You Need To Cry Just Cry Don’t Ask For Permission From Anyone Make Sure To Forget The Story Just Cry It Needs Releasing Not Shifting But Release Like Your Tears Are Prisoners Let Them Out Free Them


Act 4:

A friend was emailing me that she picked a fight with someone and immediately I thought of Scorpio and Pluto and the “pushing impulse” which is really the impulse to take some control because it can be, well, really scary when dealing with other people and our tender feelings and their big boots.

So we push for definition, answers, and in the process can push people away, depending, when what we really wanted was to be close.


But remember, this blog post is written from the point of view of a person who always blames herself so I am biased in the wrong direction. Biased in the spineless goo direction. Or the other “not my fault” extreme. I do both.

(Shhh here’s a hint, for this Full Moon in Scorpio, from a seemingly contradictory place but that’s how I roll 😉 — allow yourself to have a little Leo, a little ego, don’t be spineless goo, remember you are worth something, you are worth working for, FIGHTING for.)

Isabel Hickey counsels us to be not willful but to surrender to Pluto energy. Yeah right. How easy is that. I tell people the same thing. I learn the same lessons over and over. A message to all Readers: counsel with your heart not your head, even if you have to get down on the floor and cry with someone.

It’s not so simple and  yet I push blame all over my face like a mud pack when I know it’s not so simple.

The Full Moon in Scorpio can shine a light on 1. how you manipulate others and 2. how you allow yourself to be manipulated.

Is it ever possible to become free and clean from this? How to take a break. Stop pushing.

Act 5:

Don’t hate yourself said the peanut butter to the oil it created. Don’t hate yourself, said the peanut butter to the mess all over the counter.

Act 6:

Even if you can’t figure out all the reasons why, remember that there were reasons. An entire chain of them. Maybe years of them. Triggers. Triggers upon triggers and you are human and something or someone made you feel unsafe a long time ago. So you built a wall.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is going to bring you the wall in pieces.

Act 7: 

What to do with the gunk? Release it. It’s not just about shifting it. It’s about letting it go. Making the cut.

I am going to being this morning with the treadmill. Dedicating each dedicated treadmill foot strike to releasing… self-blame, pain, and lack of glory. And this will carry through to next week when I have my 1st boxing lesson 🙂 and it will continue until May 5th, Full Moon Day.

And then I will be whole again. Like the Moon. I promise.

Make a similar promise to yourself. Start now.


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