Music of the Shamans (Advice For Hard Transits, Part 2 of Many)

"jupiter sextile sun"Advice post! (Part One is here)

Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are in VIRGO, the sign of the Giver of Advices
Summary: USE SOUND and scent to disperse, dispel negative energy or entity


Sometimes you do not even need to breathe out sorrow or grief.
Sometimes you do not need to breathe out anything in particular.
Just inhale love love love.
Feel your heart and chest expansion love love love. Whatever word works for you.
And then when you are done with this practice if you desire you could send that word/feeling/idea/heart expansion to anyone who needs. We’ve been doing in my meditation class week after week for years. We raise energy and then we send it out to a person, place or situation. You can even keep it for yourself.
I’ve done that too.

Notice how the feelings change. Throughout the day. You may wake up with much sorrow to exhale. By lunch time you’re all out. And then at 6 PM it may return. Do not expect it to leave and be gone for good. It comes back just as you return to the in-breath and the out-breath. The goal is not to eliminate anything but to recycle 🙂

"sun square pluto"I woke up this morning with much sorrow and I did my breathing practice and then I wrote about it and I looked for that book Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore and realized I no longer own it so I found it cheaply on eBay. Do not struggle with the ropes. If you are in a dark night of the soul, then be there in your dark night, be with your dark night.  This too is a practice.

I lit some frankincense and begin to post about frankincense on my Facebook and my mood shifted but I know it will shift again because that’s how it works. Clouds in the sky cover the sun and then the sun shines again. I have a Cancer stellium and Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo. My moods are intense and deeeep. I am sane and stable and live by faith and practical magic but once in a while even I feel shaken by how strong my moods are, like wind, like storms. Must take cover.

Do not be afraid of your storms. Keep steady. Take cover. Tree medicine. Don’t break. Sky medicine. Don’t break. You do not need to break.

But, Aliza, everything in nature breaks!
Hearts break.
We die!
Even the water! Waves break.

What doesn’t break is the soul. Spirit.

Every day then you must work a little bit on restoring and nourishing yours. Fortify and protect. This is your holy job.

Life on earth is so very sticky and hard but the stronger your soul the more you’re able to Bear it.

Then eventually you do more than just bear it.

"nicole moudaber" For the healers and light workers reading this:

straighten yourself out. Find out. Find out how. With guidance or without. Find out how. You will not be able to help others so much while your moods toss you to and fro like a frisbee. Yes doing the work itself helps you BUT there comes a time when you must see your own imbalance and heal your own imbalance more and more. Do not use working on others as your cure.

Become trustworthy. Become steady. Everything increases then, all the good things like love love love.

From my Facebook, my frankincense posts: 

That I am now craving the aroma of frankincense the way one craves food.
And this was a sign to me – to work deeply with him. This craving.

Frankincense will turn up the volume on whatever magick you are working, increase the majesty of it as well. Frankincense is REGAL. Masculine, associated with Jupiter.

Frankincense for anxiety, addiction, doubt.

As so often happens, frankincense “happened” to me — of course I knew of its power, had read of its power, know it is legendary and ancient, but it wasn’t until FUMIGATION – until I bought an incense (and from Whole Foods, not some “special” store) that I fell in love – as I fell in love with La Santisima Muerte when Jupiter was in my 12th House —

When you decide to work with frankincense, well, he can be very demanding, in my experience, wanting full attention but the rewards are great. Also, less is more! Also in my experience, burn on a full stomach. So powerful you could become weak or tired or dizzy from his presence. As always with incense or oils etc etc you need to experiment and get to know them.


About SOUND to clear energy :

I like techno music, particularly from DJ Nicole Moudaber and I was listening to this one track and wrote this:

Listen to this in combination with frankincense (or your favorite aroma) for exorcism and protection. I am being 100% serious.

Sound, noise (like a CLAP or techno or even a more gentle CHIME yes) can free you of nosy, noisy, or disturbing entities in your spirit-body or sphere. Experiment.

Music of the shamans is here.


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