Murder Your Darlings: In Praise Of Detatchment

When I was in college, I had a creative writing (poetry) teacher who used the phrase “murder your darlings.” What he meant was that sometimes a line in a poem that you are really really attached to… well… it’s just not working and you can’t see it because you are so in love with it. That sometimes you have to murder your darlings to make the poem better, to make the poem succeed.

I was thinking about this this morning and also something a friend said last night about my 11th House. It’s where my Cancer stellium is and she was wondering if it was “easy” for me to detatch because the 11th House is Uranus-related and Uranus can set itself free in an instant.

Over the years, I have definitely discarded. I’ve gotten rid of things, MANY things, and it usually feels good. I’ve left people, sure, if the relationship was… empty or not working or painful or… whatever ๐Ÿ™‚

Relationships have to work for BOTH, not just one. BOTH.

So, do I murder my darlings? Well, at that point they aren’t my darlings anymore.

On a similar note: last night I had some monkey mind recurring thoughts and it was really stealing my energy. I was struggling to find some peace as I tried different techniques to make myself free.

Finally this morning I landed on something that worked for me and this may be related to the extra energy of my Mars Return but I shrunk the problem down, I shrunk the annoyance down and I stepped on it. Literally. Like a bug. Squashed. AND IT WORKED.

Because these thoughts would pop up and pop up and pop up and I didn’t want them in my head but breathing through it and meditating through it and being all hug the crystals through it and… whatever ๐Ÿ™‚ didn’t work.

So Iย  1) I shrunk it down and 2) I stepped on it. More than once. More than twice.

And damn it felt, feels, good AND made me smile because you feel kind of funny silly while squashing something, someone, inย  your mind ๐Ÿ™‚

The smile though was probably the most important part because it brought light, air, into the the tense tight mind.

What about you? Do you detatch? How do you detatch?

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