Muffin Surprise And The Jupiter Squares

Where I live there are many muffins, many bakeries, and this morning on the way to the gym (typical Cancer) I got a muffin. Just in case.

I usually eat the top part only and this muffin, well, this muffin, had a surprise it. It wasn’t full-on cream in the center but there was something sweet and nice going on.

(Note: I only had a bite or two on the way to the gym. I savored the rest hours later.)

I have Mercury Mars in Cancer square Jupiter in my natal chart.

Jupiter makes things big:  I love talking about food (Mercury in Cancer), I love thinking about food (Mercury in Cancer), I love looking for my next meal (Mars in Cancer) A LOT (Jupiter).  Should I have been a food writer? Hmm…

People with square-heavy charts are restless. We want to DO something but often aren’t sure what. Internal tension they call it. Striving. And we want to fix the square, we want to make it feel better. It hurts. It causes problems. Or, as I was saying, it makes us restless. Squares feel like something is WRONG. And if you have a square, something IS wrong. Doesn’t mean you’re doomed though, not at all. But you do have a project to work on! YOU can achieve!

I don’t consider my Jupiter square a bad square (it’s Jupiter, after all, and in Libra, seeking balance) although it does make my feelings (Cancer) pretty big and I tend to spend too much (Jupiter in the 2nd House) on that perfect perfect muffin.

Jupiter squares bring pleasure. Some would consider it excess. But mmm it feels good for me to buy the muffin, whether the muffin is for me or someone else 🙂

What’s your square story? 


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