Moving Diary, July 2nd 2014 (Saturn Inconjunct Uranus)

"saturn inconjunct uranus" Think of one good thing.
Just one good thing.

I wrote this in my journal this morning and posted it on Facebook Timeline so that means it’ll happen!

About moving. About having to move. About the new place. Just one.

I was packing boxes of books in the heat and remembered that the previous tenant left behind a HUGE bookshelf and that my books, finally, after… four years? would be displayed again.

Books of poems, Jewish mysticism, other mysticism, Tarot, other metaphysical, some novels, health and healing, meditation, Edgar Cayce books, The Search for God…

It’ll be nice to pluck a book off the shelf again and read a poem. See, except the books I use on a regular basis for work, the others were hard to get to — in stacks or in tubs or containers.

The Sun is in Cancer. Mercury enters Cancer on July 13th. Cancer rules home, family, roots, belonging, mother, mothering. Food.

Are you moving too? Renovating? Redecorating? Uprooting? 

How do you FEEL about it? Happy? Sad? Angry? Confused? Ready? CANCER WANTS TO KNOW HOW IT FEELS! (Do you feel your feelings alone? Do you have a witness who is okay with your feelings? With feeling at all?)

I know I need to mourn. I know I need to engage in this… complex set of behaviors. Mourning, packing, mourning, packing, and some spare light of looking forward, no matter how small. I grasp a piece at a time, like slices of pear.

Fear not the mourners. They know the wisdom of letting go.

My readings are strong lately despite the chaos. This entire topic reminds me of 16 degrees. My Sun is at 16 degrees Cancer. Saturn is trining my Sun: keeping it together.  Uranus is squaring my Sun: the shock of the new.  Saturn and Uranus are quincunx (or inconjunct) now, which is an uneasy relationship.

Recently I did a few readings for a new client who wanted to know all about the inconjuncts and yods in his chart (he had many!) and I described the inconjunct (on Facebook) as dissociation. I’m not a psychiatrist but the idea of… well think of it this way: know anyone with Sagittarius AND Cancer in her/his chart? Which side do you see the most? Does the person disown or not even know the other side exists? Or really doesn’t like the other side? Doesn’t want to engage with it?

To me it’s a surprising aspect. When the OTHER SIDE shows up again. Think of a sensitive Cancer Sun who every so often, when you least expect it emerges as a Sag Moon party favor. I want to say integration is needed. And integration is DIFFERENT than balance (which the opposition requires).

Integration is about knowing what is there. Is integration about being okay with what is there? Hmm. I’ll leave that for you to decide. Another example: Gemini Sun may not like it when you talk to their Scorpio side. Too heavy. Not enough words. Of course not all inconjunct peeps are like this. But some are!

So Saturn and Uranus are in this surprising aspect all month and into August (not exact anymore but still in orb). You may forget which one you are on any given day — Saturn or Uranus. Organized and in charge, or going slowly under (Uranus is crazy creative, inventive, intuitive, or just crazy). And the forgotten one will leap forward then into consciousness, reminding you to search for that spare light of looking forward, like a slice of pear for the Sun in Cancer.

What are your plans for the summer? 

Love, MP

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