Motorcycle Moon Aries

Day before Valentine’s Day. I was writing on Facebook that I’m not all that bothered by it despite my :::single::: status ๐Ÿ™‚

And my apologies for not posting a poem last night, interrupting my 30 day poem project in the middle. I didn’t receive any complaints though so perhaps nobody noticed saith my Venus in Leo. In sweet news though, one of my poems (which did not appear here) was accepted for publication in that new on-line lit journal I’ve been talking about. You’ll get the link when it’s up!

Otherwise, star-wise, we’ve got the Moon in Aries today conjunct Uranus (about 30 minutes ago), sextile Jupiter, square Pluto, inconjunct Saturn, and sextile Venus.

My prediction is that despite the hard and soft here, it’s a better day than Monday or Tuesday. Less heartbreak, less gloom, less haze, less dramarama. Motorcycle Moon as a temporary cure for the Pisces sickness we under at the moment ๐Ÿ˜‰ IN FACT I think you may have come to some decisions, some conclusions which I believe I had been predicting and yet… there may still be some sharp reversals.

A lovely lady I know is having her divorce finalized today and I’m glad the Moon is in Aries to give her courage and strength and warrior-tude. Her moods will be rich and deep no doubt but also… with Moon in Aries less chance she’ll hold on to them. A good day to break free.


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