Mother’s Day 2014: Sun Opposition Saturn

"saturn opposition sun" Here is a link to my 2013 Mother’s Day post 

One more with a mother theme

Ya know, Mother’s Day could be just fine for you. Don’t believe the hype. You don’t have to believe what I say or what any astrologer says. But it IS an interesting collection of energy.

Whatever you do, become more you.

That phrase above is a note I wrote to myself about something I’m afraid of doing. I wrote it in a list of other such “affirmations” — words to return to when I feel like I JUST CAN’T.

Know the feeling?

And I’ve hit a snag with this I JUST CAN’T project. Procrastination.
I’m under my Saturn opposition. I can’t see the Sun. And Mars is retrograde in Libra. This creates DELAY. Mars in Libra is about as direct as Mars in Cancer. Maybe less so!

AND YET the Sun is opposing Saturn today and tomorrow and still in orb on Sunday so YEAH this Mother’s Day has some “interesting” energy but that does NOT mean you have to hide under the covers.
Remain open. Remain in light. Sun uncovers Saturn in Scorpio shadows. This is good. More forward even at snail pace.

Love, MP


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