Mother, The Moon, Your 4th House

"new moon in aquarius 2012"
the moon is your mother

Do you hear your mother’s voice in your voice? Or see your mother’s gestures in your own? Do your bodies look similar?

How does it make you feel?

It’s always a little eerie to me when I notice it, eerie but nice. And it takes me by surprise. But why should it? I am my mother’s daughter in so ways.  I feel a sense of fascination, too, when it happens

All the mother stuff though is poignant for me — I lost her way too young. It was a sudden death, a shock, and as a Cancer Sun… well… Mother is Everything.

This post is not a post of mourning though, or grief. It’s about those moments when you see the ones who have gone in yourself. Ghosts, ghostly.

In Astrology, the Moon has to do with not just women in general, but Mother. The 4th House is associated with Cancer, associated with Mother. It’s a chain… all around the chart. Chain isn’t a great word for what I’m thinking of because I’m thinking of something that undulates. Waves. Ah, there, that’s better. Because Cancer is a water sign.

A chain made of water, waves.

Is you feelin’ me? (To quote Lafayette from True Blood).



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