More Words For Virgo Moon: Getting From The 5th To The 7th House

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Gotta be me,” he said. It made me pause. What the hell did that mean? Did it mean: don’t tread on me? Did it mean: he puts “me” above “we” ? Or maybe he felt oppressed by me in the moment, just this moment, he with his free-ranging chart. Was I squashing him? And, if so, did he mind? Welcome, dear reader, once again, to my Virgo Moon mind.

See, sometimes, Virgo Moon, you have to let it go. Whatever it is. The imagined slights, the mood of the other, the comment that isn’t meant to hurt, but blurted out. Virgo Moon really needs to pick his or her own battles wisely instead of being pick pick picky. And, Virgo Moon, stop looking for red flags, for the end is near, stop imagining that things won’t be fine.

Above all, Virgo South Node needs to relax and I find the South Node to be a more concentrated distilled energy of whatever sign it’s in, even more than the Sun or Moon. The South Node rises up to irritate oneself and sometimes everyone else around. You’ll notice this in your Leo South Node friends especially 😉

Going from “me” to “we” is a choice. Love is not enough. One has to choose the greater good which is the relationship.

Now, folks who found their mates early-on in life and are happy still, maybe they don’t think about this stuff, but those of us who are up to this activity who are 35+? We are still learning, we are late bloomers, we may have a history of romance and intimacy but we, well, we are trying like hell now.

My almost 41 year old body? Yeah, time is running out.  Don’t I want a husband to enjoy this? Now? Before the years pile on and pile on and pile on and all that’s left is… my amazing grace? My soul is housed in this body, this still young-enough body to inspire the desire to… ya know.

So. Virgo Moons and Suns and South Nodes out there, yes you must discern, you must. BUT when you find someone you like, or love, and it is mutual… then…use your awesome Virgo powers to… dream yourself happy. Not that you need a Pisces mate, but look to the Virgo/Pisces axis to help you untie all the mental knots. Imagine not the bad, but the good. It may be every bit as true.

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