More Virgo? Yes, More Virgo Please!

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Be Nice To Virgo

You know what? I feel like I haven’t written about Virgo in a while. And, well, this could be devastating to Virgo. Oops, that’s my Venus in Leo talking 😉 But seriously. it has been… a couple weeks maybe that I didn’t address any Virgo foible. This must be corrected!

One of my favorite topics is Sagittarius Virgo compatibility. Why? Because the square aspect between these two signs is hilarious. At least for the Sadge. They apparently have an endless appetite for teasing Virgo and and you can imagine how fun this is for poor sensitive self-critical Virgo.

On the other hand though: Sagittarius doesn’t mean any harm, and all that bouncy bouncy bouncy good-natured Sagittarius joy is, well, interesting for Virgo. Yes, like a science project. Can you picture it? Virgo pulling her glasses way down, to the tip of her nose as her Sagittarius friend wildly waves his (or her) arms around, making philosophical point after philosophical point. Drunkenly.

Now, I am a Cancer Sun/Virgo Moon and I always have Sagittarius friends. They seem to be drawn to my immense reserve, perhaps feeling like I’m a nut (ha!) waiting to be cracked. My best friend in junior high was a Sagittarius and the reason we became friends was because she wouldn’t let me go. We had nothing in common except that we were both outsiders. But she would call me EVERY DAY after school and I was too nice? Wimpy? To hang up the phone. She was lonely I’m sure but seemed to be on a mission to cheer us both up. I don’t know. We could stay on the phone for hours, we developed an entire secret language. We both loved Stevie Nicks 🙂

Sagittarius is good for Virgo because Virgo is the consummate worrier and Sagittarius knows where the party is. And the drugs. Virgo may not want to attend the party but is happy to be asked and happy to refuse. Or maybe that’s my Cancer side saying that 😉 (Show me a good party and I’ll show you a good Cancer who just wants to go home.)

Remember though, when dealing with Virgo: they may *not* know when you are teasing them vs when you are criticizing them. They will hear it all (probably) as criticism, as flaws, as an insult to their very Virgoan soul. So be gentle and define your terms and if you aren’t sure how your words are being received, then seek verification, such as: you do realize I’m teasing you, right?

Just as every Sagittarius needs a Cancerian friend to keep him sensitive, every Sagittarius needs a Virgo friend to… poke. And the mystical information contained in this nugget of truth is on such a high level that I don’t feel I can share it here. I must keep it to myself for now, savor it, these secrets of the zodiac, will wonders never cease for Virgos Virgos Virgos VIRGOS!!!!!!!!

Know this, Virgo: you are very cute when you wrinkle up your nose and complain about the weather. Don’t change a thing!

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