More Thoughts On The New Moon Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius 2011

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
new moon in sagittarius

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Virgo and Sagittarius square each other on the Zodiac wheel and these two energies feel in the spotlight to me now and in the days to come. Mars is in Virgo until early July and our Next New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, will be in Sagittarius.  Mercury and Venus are also in Sagittarius now.

Now these signs together create tension so how do we work with the energy? Virgo sees the trees. Sagittarius sees the forest and then there’s your own individual chart and transits and your life itself whatever is in the middle of building up or falling apart. And I say this not just for the Sun in Scorpio who invests in rebirthing but because it seems to be the nature of things. We fall down. We grow up. 

My Sunday morning message is this: give up the notion that you won’t get what you want. This is maximum Sagittarius, maximum positivity, maximum enthusiasm for your goal. Get your attitude straight and then use Mars in Virgo, DETAILS, the LIST, to achieve it. The tension between these two signs will make you tired at first and cranky and how will it happen and how can I do it,  but remember Capricorn follows Sagittarius thus the trine. And Jupiter is still in Taurus. Thus the grand trine to come.  Tuck this energy away inside you NOW.

See that’s what can die under the Scorpio Sun:  thinking of yourself as a failure.

Now, again, our charts are different, our transits are different, our cycles are different, there will be shit we need to experience, shit we need to get on our boots BUT for this New Moon Solar Eclipse… envision releasing what isn’t working and make a plan (Virgo) for your grand (Sagittarius) plan (Virgo) including the nuts and bolts (Virgo) and the spirit (Sagittarius) of the thing. The trees AND the forest. All of it. Like when the phone company asks if I want to pay part of the bill or ALL OF IT!

I often tell people that New Moons are about setting intentions and Full Moons are about culmination and I don’t want to stray from that completely because I respect history and the symbolism of the Moon cycle, BUT I am feeling rebellious. Or maybe it’s that I’m noticing it isn’t so simple. We always have BOTH going on and especially with the Sun still in Scorpio we notice it even more: death and new life, the seed and the birth of the seed, potential and the goal achieved.

So work both ends of the beast here, okay? The Moon is an animal. Your emotional animal. Stroke its fur, feed it, comfort it, and then say: okay Moon! I’m READY!

Got intentions for the next New Moon? 

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