More Thoughts On The April Cardinal Crisis

My honest assessment is that we ARE being put to the test.

And I was writing in the chat room that…
Uranus is the planet that’s on my mind the most at the moment.
Uranus (and Mars) fast and furious.
And then Mercury will enter Aries so there will be… fast and furious words and decisions.

I really don’t know what to tell you 🙂

If you should go for it.
Or if you should wait.
But I think you know.

Okay, this is how you judge:
you judge by how you feel on the inside.
Ask yourself the question: should I do X?
And notice whether you feel ANY (and I do mean ANY) wavering AT ALL.
And inner wavering is different for everyone.
What do you feel? Yes? No? Not sure?

Not saying it’s easy but you really CAN start to trust yourself this April.

Are you fast and/or furious these days? 

Love, MP

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