More Thoughts On Retrograde Planets: Uranus!

Even if transiting Uranus going direct (on December 15th) was not in aspect to any planet or point in your natal, it still has an effect. Here’s an example:

Say you have your natal Uranus in your 2nd House (which we often find in the charts of self-employed people) and let’s say transiting Uranus is in your 8th House of “other people’s money” and it’s been retrograde for months! Well, of course when it goes direct, it will affect your earning (2nd House/8th House) and in many cases for the better because now the energy is flowing again. See, Uranus going direct activates your natal placement, even without a direct hit.

Consider this in regards to your own chart. Where your natal Uranus is and the transiting, and what movement you’ve noticed in those areas of life since Uranus went direct.

Notice anything?



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