More Thoughts On Pluto Opposition Sun (Part ?)

smoky quartz and black tourmalineIt’s kinda late, just got home, but wanted to try to type this up for y’all. More thoughts on Sun Pluto transits, in particular Pluto opposing the Sun.

In search of solid ground. The goal: to find that place where you have only yourself to thank and blame. That is heaven.

That your solid ground comes from inside because there is nowhere else. This is actually good news. That this place exists. And notice how you turn on and off the light in this place.

When I read about Pluto Sun transits I read these keywords: identity, ego, power, power struggle. My keyword: the dark.

And what is the Sun? Your light. Uh-oh…

What happens when Pluto jostles it ? Do you fight it? Shine a light on it?

What’s needed is solid ground. A platform for both. Make both happy 😉 As if, right?

I’m going to walk a lot this summer. I’m going to start with the body. Pluto = elimination. Sweat is one way. Basically you have to do what you can and not get attached to results.

Someone said this to me today and I thought it was apt, for this transit: you are not forever broken. You are 100% capable of building yourself back up.

Match the dark without going under yourself.
And ponder: how will the Sun change? How will the essence change by this… uncomfortable cleanse. Ya know, if getting enemas were my thing, this would be the perfect transit for that, right? Pluto rules excrement.

So how to… make that happen THROUGH ART? Well, good question. Pluto is transiting my 5th. Oy I’m having Karen Finley flashbacks as I type this but… I think I’m onto something here.

Last word for this evening: the little things matter. Every little thing during a hard transit. Every routine, every ritual. Eating, sleeping, movement, all the self-care stuff. Every song. Every song of survival. Every moment that you do NOT feel shame.

And the “art part” of it may be THE most important part of it all.

I was on the subway, heading to Penn Station, and a Marvin Gaye song came on. I LOVE Marvin Gaye. And he died tragically (note to self, must look up his chart) and then this Madonna song came on and… yeah. Madonna. It was a perfect moment. I saw outside my condition.

If you’re lucky, if you can change a habit (like getting out of the house when you really just feel like staying in) maybe you’ll feel that feeling — that everything will be okay.

Okay, folks, time to head to the chat room and see what’s doing…

Oh, by the way, I’d be willing to start another one, if there were enough interested people. Someone wrote me a while ago but I hadn’t been putting out the call for it. It is $25 per month, we go month by month. And we talk astrology, tarot, crystals 🙂 whatever people want to discuss. I’m usually in there each day. Best is when we all start threads, keeps things moving and interesting but quiet folks are welcome too. The main thing is that it is private and folks respect this. It’s not a class per se… it’s casual, supportive, and we also learn.

Also hoping to teach this summer my Celtic Cross class so stay tuned for details…

Love, MP