More Theatre Talk: A Story For Mercury Retrograde

"mercury retrograde in leo"What I loved most about playwriting and working in theatre was the collaborative process. Unlike when I was poet. The poem was written, revised and then done. Sent off to literary journals that no one would ever read and just DONE.

But with theatre, it’s not done until it’s done and it may never be done 🙂 I remember the first director I worked with… her asking me strange questions about arc and through line. I was clueless. I had no background in it but I jumped in.

And my experiences have been almost all good: sincere actors, mostly extremely skilled, directors with vision, cooperation from everyone else.

And I’m a process person, not a product person. Seeing a play on its feet of course is a reward but it was “Getting there” that was the treat. Hearing my words in the voices of the actors. Watching a director create art and movement from my words.

One fine memory I have is of actors preparing for their audition and I was sitting in the lobby of the theatre and hearing all of them  around me saying the lines, hushed but in earshot.

And I thought of this this morning because I believe I’ve made the commitment to figuring out how to continue in theatre. Last year I was finishing a play, my favorite so far. No one’s been interested in working with it  yet but I’ve decided to return to it and I recently had a Tarot Reading and the 10 of Wands reversed came up for this play. I think the block around this piece is in the process of being dissolved. It will take more time but… the lesson is that it can’t be rushed. The first order of business is just to print the thing out and I have. And then to work on the mother’s monologue 🙂

Mercury Retrograde is THE time to return to past projects, past visions, past people! Reconsider. Review. Redo. ReKNOW. Make up any RE word you want.

ReLIVE. ReQUIRE. What does your path require and ask of you? I challenge all the artists and artistically inclined out there to get going on your projects! I know it’s Mercury Rx and a Void of Course Moon today but you can think about it! The weather does change and you will get moving.

I have a Gemini Rising client. There are so many things she wants to get done. So many choices swirling in her head. It’s hard for her to land. She may be looking for a perfection or certainty that does not exist.

And I was looking at her chart and emailed her: it’s about commitment. It’s about Saturn. It’s about building a fence, setting a limit. You have to choose. Now as a Gemini Rising for sure she will do more than ONE thing but maybe it will be 3 things and not 10 things…

Time will tell 🙂

Homework question: how are you feeling, using, the Mercury Retrograde energy? Are you talking to your past? How does Saturn fit in to your plan, if at all?

Love, MP

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