More Saturn In Libra: What Are You Learning? Who Do You Love?

"new moon in aquarius 2012"

Sometimes I write about personal stuff on here. Sometimes I don’t. One thing is for sure though: my love life has been pretty interesting the last month or so.

Recently a client wrote me an email to tell me of some good news in her life and expressed concern because of some recent blog posts but the thing is this: I had no complaints. It was/is just energy and that’s what I told her: there’s a lot of energy in my love life now.

I wasn’t sad. I was enjoying it actually, a bit detatched as Venus transited Aquarius, watching it all unfold and somewhere inside me… well, one part of me, inside me, that I didn’t quite trust… knew the truth. I had to discover the truth even though I already knew. Works that way sometimes.

As of this writing though, the stakes have been raised and I’ve gotten some surprises, surprisingly, and I’ve entered a new phase, made a decision just in time for… you guessed it… Mars Retrograde next week and Saturn Retrograde (in February).

Saturn is in Libra: define your relationships.

How’s your love life these days?


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