More On The Journey (Mars Through My Third House)

"saturn trine uranus" Something I’m learning, from my experience so far —

some “journeys” are for information.
And some are for healing, like soul retrieval for example.

I think all journeys are healing to some degree but some are taken for that purpose specifically — like the one I did for myself the other day and blogged about.

I consider this different than… journeying to discover past life details which may just be very Virgo – the “facts.”

I am not using the word “Journey” in a strict shamanic sense here.

I am not a trained or initiated shamanic practitioner in any sense of the word.

As I’ve been writing about lately, I learn by observing and doing (and reading). And remembering.

So there is a practice or a technique that I am calling a journey – because the word, for me, fits, and because I do borrow some structures from the shamanic journey:

what I had always done in my meditation class, for years, under the auspices of the Edgar Cayce material and meditation techniques and our beautiful teacher who wouldn’t even call himself our teacher, such was his level, not even realizing his impact…

For me it all overlaps —

I would like to do this for clients – more – but something about it, too, makes me nervous. Hmm. That is interesting.

For me, the techniques overlap.
What matters most for me is thePURPOSE.  THE PURPOSE of the journey.

Are you looking to heal? To let go? To feel less sad about a lingering situation? Or are you after something more Virgoan? Or perhaps even to dip into the Akashic Records to solve a problem.

And what I mean by heal: to stop feeling like shit all the time.

I think we have to go piece by piece. Put you back together piece by piece.