More Notes From Moon Pluto Country

The Sun is in *early* Libra.

Too soon to oppose Uranus, square Pluto, square Jupiter.


Sliced, diced, devoured.

The last 48 hours for me were life-changing, harrowing.

And mostly (75% ?) because of MY reaction.

And I saw so clearly what I have been lugging around with me despite my… growing one business.

And then another business (this one, my blog and astrology business).

Despite finally finding the love of my life.

I saw my TERROR.

Yes, that is the word, terror, eyes blinking less slowly, fast pulse but shallow. That Book of Job feeling again.

Whether you survived a war, a rape, your childhood, your house burned down, or other tragedy. There are many. One false (actually, one TRUE) move and you are back there.

If you are lucky, you come out of it. The panic subsides. The bad news was a false alarm. Everyone lives happily ever after.

But the truth is: IF you still go THERE, back to the scene of the crime, then you need help.

And this is the good news: YOU CAN GET IT.

You don’t have to keep going back there. Thing is this though — once you DO come back from the lower world, once your soul is back together, everything changes. You can’t live a lie ever again.

So the last 48 hours for me were life changing.

And I made a deal with God how it would be if everything was AS I FEARED, if everything went wrong.

But I neglected to make a deal with God for… WHAT IF EVERYTHING IS OKAY.

And… that’s where I find myself right now, talking to you here. The eye of the storm has shut for the time being.

Full speed ahead, my friends.


So the Sun is in early Libra. The Moon is about to enter Cancer. Mercury is in late Libra. Feelings, cooperation, relationships, mending fences and relationships, love, home, being nice. PEACE. Incredible peace. Better than ice cream.

Venus is trine Jupiter (in water signs) which is lucky and generous, and Mars is squaring Venus. This love is here to stay. Don’t let your pride get in the way.

Saturn through Pluto, Chiron, and the North Node are ALL between 8 and 10 degrees (except for Neptune at 3 Pisces) so you want to look for these degrees in your chart, planets or angles.

You are being touched by angels and devils and you have a story to tell. Share it here.

Love, MP

P.S. It’s okay to not know what you want.

What’s *not* okay is to live in fear. Because that’s not good enough. That’s not a life. You can have more. Consider this your Thursday sermon 🙂


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