More Meditation For Cats: Mars Opposition Neptune

"full moon in taurus 2011"
Mars opposition Neptune

When I come home, I need to wash off the day. This could involve an actual shower. Or just a whore’s bath (ha!). But I must wash off the day. Change my clothes right away. Put away my stuff, bags, whatever I’ve carried home. Put on my house shoes! Usually need to eat right away. But before I do anything I feed the cats and give them fresh water.

After I’ve done all this I sometimes need to lie down (I have a Cancer stellium) as part of the transition, part of the coming home, especially if I have readings to do, like this evening. Need to… re-align myself. And today I lay down and my insides felt so jumbly, like sparks jumping in my arms and legs and at first I was trying to force it down smooth but instead just decided to let it be. And then gently gently coaxed the jumblyness into waves, smooth waves, like hair. And then (this was a bit later) I felt no motion at all. No pinging and no waving. Just still.

And while I was lying down of course the cats came over, including Goldy, the one boy-cat, the one who tends to vocalize. Nothing is wrong physically with him but he does have ennui and gets picked on by one of the girls. I know I need to give him extra. So he came over and stood near me and right away I thought to myself, You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.

He curled up by my head, purring. I continued. You are loved. You are loved.

Try this meditation with any of your animals who have separation anxiety or seem lonely. If they are too big to curl up by your head, you can imagine it. And it worked best with Goldy when I didn’t touch him. I just turned my face to face his and looked into his eyes. Slowly opened and closed my eyes, as cats do. He stretched out his paws towards me. You are loved.

I guarantee you, we will both sleep better tonight.

What’s the astrology?  Mars is leaving Leo (the lion!) and Neptune is opposing.

Yes, you can talk to the animals! 


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