More Instructions For The Grand Cross

I suggest a Cross Pose.

This is my advice for the Cardinal Grand Cross.

There is tension in the air, correct?
You may find yourself snap snappy irritable and axe wielding WHETHER OR NOT you have any planets in or around 13 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn.

But you can probably move your body. You can let the tension out.
You can stretch out your arms.

Today is/was exercise day for me so I did my thing and I always do a cool down after and I was stretching out my body into corpse pose but then I brought my arms up and Eureka! The Cardinal Cross.
Trust me.
It will feel good.
To embrace defeat 🙂

You defeated your resignation
You defeated not getting out of bed (maybe)
You defeated the idea that YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE ANYMORE (or ever)

It really feels like a Monday doesn’t it 🙂
Uranus is square Pluto and it’s exact today.

And tomorrow/Wednesday, Mars touches base, squaring Jupiter, opposing Uranus, squaring Pluto.
Oooooooh this is growly growly growly grrrrrr energy!
But your bickering doesn’t have to turn into bloody noses.

About Cross Pose:
You can do it standing. You can do it sitting. You can do it lying down. You can be creative with this.
The main thing is to stretch our your arms and feel the length of yourself down down down.
What is you and not you.
What is your body and not your body and the intersection.
Do you feel that? The distinction AND the intersection?

And I don’t mean to be gruesome here. I don’t mean to offend anyone by talking about a symbol that is holy to many.

My point is to get you INTO YOUR BODY.
Take root.

Every Taurus I’ve ever known had conversations with their plants!
The plants talked back!


Whew. Yes, I am yelling 🙂

Love, MP

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