More Gemini, Please!

This morning my cat Goldy woke me up. He was yowling at the foot of my bed. It was a feed-me yowl. Goldy is my one boy cat, a Libra, but he made me think of Gemini Season, Gemini being the sign of the chatty. This one-way chat had a Cancer-infused whine irritating enough to wake all of New York City.

Or maybe he was just offering his roar! Moon still in Leo. But back to Gemini: we’ve just had our Gemini eclipse. The stage is set! Our Sagittarius eclipse is hot on the heels. And we’ve got Sun and Mercury in Gemini, Venus and Mars not far behind. There’s something benign about Gemini, about Sagittarius too: not scary, not scary signs. Unlike, say, those deep tumultuous water signs! Gemini is light, it flies through the air. Winged Mercury the Messenger, remember?

Even without looking at aspects, when the fast-moving planets change signs, there is a shift. I know I feel it and I wonder if you do too. In my own chart, I’ve moved from a 9th House emphasis to a 10th House emphasis and I welcome this. Wherever the planets are marching through is a place that will be lit up for you, with a giant highlighter. It’s fun to track it, and you can begin to do your own predictive work this way. And you may be surprised how literal it is.

Note to self: only good predictions, please 🙂

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