More Details On The January Astrology Class

"new moon in capricorn"Here are the first details about the January class. New details are below that. 

The upcoming Astrology class is going to be a Venus & Mars class.

Did one of these years ago. Time for an update!

I will be using a text to assist me (at times) — one of my favorites.

You don’t need to purchase it — I will be bringing information from this book —

The Inner Planets by Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas in addition to, of course, my own ideas!!!

(And your ideas. I know you have amazing ideas!)

We will discuss problems and pitfalls and gifts of your natal Venus and natal Mars AND of your progressed Venus and Mars — also any outer planet “hits” your Venus and Mars are getting by transit and what this could mean for you!

And I will HELP YOU. Because that’s what I do (says Mama MoonPluto).

And your fellow students will HELP YOU appreciate your chart (because I attract smart people) all the more.

**We will also discuss the 2016 Mars in Scorpio/Mars retrograde transit
(this is PRIORITY) as well as touch on some of the upcoming interesting Venus transits of 2016.

Interested? Message me. MoonPluto@gmail.

I’ll let you know start date, how it works (if you are new to my classes) as well as the cost.

This is not a Tarot class but I tend to draw cards for folks anyway.


Cost: $95 

Where: I hold my classes in a “secret” group on Facebook. No one sees what goes on in there but YOU. No one knows you are a member of this group but you and the other folks.

Start date: Wednesday, January 20th (a week from this Wednesday).

Format: discussion based! We talk, we share. We discuss! Lately I’d been adding little videos to the classes but not sure if I will do that this time. Learn as you go. These are not webinars and you don’t need to show up at a particular time. You drop by when you can and when you want. No obligation to talk but I LOVE a busy class 🙂

Class will run three weeks minimum. If we need more time, will add on a week.

Usually not there 7 days a week but I post new material a few times a week.
This is an astrology class based very much on transit-talk and YOUR charts so it will be very chart heavy, so to speak. YOUR CHARTS. YOUR SOULS.

This class is for you if you want to talk about you 🙂 along with the SKY and Venus and Mars 🙂

Message me if you have questions! I’m happy to answer them.